Edgar (pakku) wrote in dbzanime,

Remastered Anime: Dragon Ball Z clips in High Definition

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, Funimation started to release Dragon Ball Z series Remastered in HD / 5.1 / ZOMGWTFBBQ galore...so, I thought I would show you guys how good it looks.
So far, I have all 3 seasons that have been released, which is everything form the Saiyajin Saga to the end of the Freeza Saga. It's veeeeeeeeeery nice because it's the ORIGINAL stuff (audio etc, though only 2.1 in this case) plus you can watch it in ENGLISH with the Japanese background music..ummmmm.../fanboi, anyways, on to the clips.

Yes, it is youtube, BUT, the method I used to encode the videos allows them to keep their high quality, the only drawback is that I do recommend that you wait until the video downloads fully otherwise youtube will make it stall (its a bug on youtube when you make videos this way; it also can't read the length of the video properly)

So far I have these 3 clips to share:



SSJ Goku emerges:

If you guys have any requests or want screenshots for wallpapers etc, do let me know, but do keep in mind that so far its only up to the Freeza Saga =).

Feedback appreciated !

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